Riko Saikawa is a friend and classmate of Kanna.

Appearance Edit

Saikawa has shoulder length auburn hair with a yellow flower hairclip. Her forehead is big and shiny. She has dark turquoise green eyes.

She is usually seen wearing a green shirt with yellow piping and a bunny on it. At school, a tag is clipped onto her shirt. She wears an orange skirt, white socks and turquoise shoes.

Personality Edit

Saikawa was originally introduced as being hostile to Kanna, but she quickly admitted that she just wanted to be friends. Though, she acts hostile to anyone who makes fun of her or Kanna.

Whenever she is in contact with Kanna, she blushes up a storm, showing her love for her.

Bio Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Saikawa attends Oborozuka Elementary along with Kanna and Shouta
  • Saikawa has a blatant crush on Kanna.
  • Riko is sister of a fake maid