Elma is Tohru's rival and Kobayashi's kohai at work.

Appearance Edit

Elma usually takes the form of a human woman with short black hair dyed purple at the ends, and a long unicorn-like horn (which she can freely hide). She has blue eyes and wears glasses when working.

Elma wears a light tan scarf with a black leotard. She wears a purple kimono with pink piping and a dark blue sash over the leotard, with the top pulled down. She has bandages around her legs and sandals. She can be seen with a cobalt blue and turqoise tail (which she can freely hide). Sometimes, she carries around a long, brown trident.

In her dragon form, Elma is a blue sea serpent with a brown horn protruding from her forehead.

Personality Edit

Elma loves sweets and can easily be bribed with them, to the point where she loses all control of her bodily functions, becoming a limp mouthwatering vegetable at the sight of chocolate.

Background Edit

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